Websites, apps and software  
While you focus on the commercial and creative side of business, we make sure that your website, app or digital service complies with the applicable legislation and that your contracts with suppliers and customers are in place. We provide full-service legal advice for online activities to ensure compliance with legislation governing online sales (web shops), advertising, privacy and the use of cookies.

Drafting and negotiating contracts in the interdisciplinary field of information technology, is part of our expertise, including all types of software contracts, licenses, service level agreements and contracts regarding technology transfers and the protection of trade secrets and IP.

Contact persons: Berber Brouwer, Benjamin van Werven

Walden Grene offers in-depth knowledge of the GDPR, assisting companies to identify and comply with GDPR obligations, including information requirements (drafting of privacy statements), data subject access requests, data processing agreements and requirements in relation to international data transfers. Our goal is to simplify complex matters and to assist our clients in combining innovation with GDPR compliance. We perceive privacy by no means as an outdated concept, but rather as one the most relevant concepts in the digital environment.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence raises myriads of ethical and legal questions, often without clear answers yet. These include questions regarding the IP protection of AI technology and AI-generated content, the protection of privacy in algorithmic decision-making, human rights concerns related to bias in machine-learning technology and liability in case of damage caused by an AI system. We closely follow developments in this field and are able to provide legal guidance in legal questions related to AI. Berber Brouwer is a member of the NEN Standards Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and publishes regularly in this field, closely following developments in this fie.

Contact person: Berber Brouwer